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If you have been scammed by Integrescan, a company who does online background checks in the last 24 months (or even more) for not recieving the services you requested or for being denied a refund when you feel as if you were entitled to one. Please contact me at

I am ready to see Terry Sweet have a bittersweet ending to his scamming!

I purchased a report for $59.99 and it only had one criminal charge on the person in his report then i pulled another from another company and they had 8 charges. I have recieved 10 emails from this Terry "Sweet" and they are all rude and condescending and he refuses to give me a refund and I refuse to be scammed by the man!

Monetary Loss: $59.

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This person failed to mention that they provided the wrong DOB with the report and the one records found did not have a dob associated. It is a shame that people can put fraudulent information to attempt to discredit a company that has been providing background checks for over 20 years...

Thats Life i guess,

to Integrascan #1465606

No, the wrong DOB was not put with the report. It was my ex-husband, I think i know his DOB.

Funny how you replied to this 5 years later.The information about you is not fraudulent and you have numerous complaints over the last 10 years.

Are you still scamming people? I sure hope not!

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #743795

Here is terry sweets personal cell phone for all who care to know 561-715-1705 he lives in Portland ny, and it says his office is in fla, I have done a lot of research in order to find his cell number and address have at it people


A few months ago I decided to do a background check on one of my tenants and the information I got back showed very little information about him. A friend of mine suggested I try another background screening company that he has been using for some time called, and in the report that I got, showed that my tenant had a criminal history.

I was very upset as you could imagine. Moving forward, I have been very pleased with the services provided by and I feel more comfortable using them as the founder is a retired Federal Agent.


they got me too :(


Well... I guess I am a bit behind on this...

Just spent money to do a background check on myself and to my amazement nothing showed up.. I Know I have a record and am trying to get it cleared up... Just spent $60. and now have nothing...

So what do I do now? Any Ideas?


I want in this guy is a crook


I purchased a background check from integra scan and got nothing current on the person I requested the check on. I was able to come up with more information using specific court websites and name searches then they were able to provide me.

When I emailed requesting a refund they asked why i used them if I could find it on my own. They refused to give me a refund and threatened to sue me for libel if I put on my blog what a rip off they were.


From what I've read on one of the online legal forums, Terry Sweet has a criminal record himself! Not one who should be running these public databases.

And unlike most sites out there, he refuses to allow for opt outs. This crook needs to be stopped and his site shut down immediately!!!


Integrascan aka Skipmax aka National Data Research Inc. is located in New York.

I have provided additional information. See above. Terry Sweet is the owner (also see ). He can be found on Facebook and Twitter under Terry Sweet.

His page is open to the public. Integrascan is one of the only companies that refuses to remove your personal information inaccurate or not. They don't update their information because if they did, they would know that the expungement laws have changed, specifically in New Jersey and he will have to update his records. Misinformation can get someone fired from their job.

Mr. Sweet simply does not respond to complaints filed with the FTC or BBB. Several NJ attorneys have filed suit/complaints/sent letters requesting he remove personal information. Mr.

Sweet does not care that you have been a victim of identity theft, domestic violence or any other crime. He just sells, sells, sells...well it's time to end this. Continue filing complaints, contact his Facebook friends and tell them what's going on because if you don't speak up, no one else will. Personally I have been threatened with lawsuits for speaking out but it's my right to do so.

My information is accurate and 100% true. If Mr. Sweet would like to defend himself and challenge me, by all means please do so. I welcome the challenge.

Contact for additional resources and attorneys willing to take Pro Bono cases against companies like Integrascan and Mr.

Sweet. Good Luck!


I am also a VERY unsatisfied customer. I paid over $100 for two background checks and came up with LESS information than the white pages and on top of that it's way outdated.

I also got information on entirely unrelated persons and businesses and all on 1 single page of info. I am sure this guy has Covered His A.. on this with the huge agreement page we had to sign.

I'm sure Dante has a level for this guy. Count me in!:(


I don't have the issues that other people are showing on this site, but I did pay for a background check on somebody for my company.

In the initial check, it showed an address for that person (not the address I have), but the actual background check found NOTHING. No addresses, no records of any type, absolutely nothing on this person.

Now I am told that if I charge that back it will go to a collections attorney, and refund is refused.

Rediculous. If I meet the criteria for any type of class action suit, count me in.


Dangit, Why didn't it look for reviews before I paid $20 to get a BS background report.. FU Sucka


Bit old, but I managed to get a refund after twisting Google Checkout's arm to get involved.

Word to any future consumer, use PayPal/Google Checkout, and a credit card, with any purchase. If you can't chargeback your credit card, at least you have a third party that can get involved


IntegraScan & SkipMax are the same company. Terry Sweet lives in NY and has a Facebook page with a public wall. Good luck.


I wish I would have picked up on this prior to me using the site's services.

According to the report, the birthday is wrong for the SS# supplied and


I guess I should be in jail for 257 federal records!


I wish I would have read this blog before I purchased this service from Mr Sweet. His google add stated a Full and complete background search for $18.95.

More like $18.95 for a lesson learned. I filed fraud charges with my credit card company and am in the process of reporting him to everybody in the world...


Some states have a limit on selling arrest information over 7 years old.

Get an attorney to send him a letter demanding he remove the record and if he doesn't comply, then sue him.

Make sure to send in a complaint to the NY AG's office. I know I have.

The state must doing something about him.


I recently used this service and was almost scared off by your reviews, but it was too late to back out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mr Sweet was very prompt in answering my emails, we jointly tried to figure out what the problem was and he immediately provided the service FREE OF CHARGE from his PC since mine was locked from the IP address.

He was polite and courtious. He e-mailed me the results after only a few minutes.

I do lot of this kind of research and I have found that although there are scammers out there, it is usually the user who has caused the problem by restricting his search criteria. I have also done 3 differant searches on the same person and got 3 entirely differant reports. It goes with the territory.

I usully get 3 from differant providers so I get a well rounded report.

Be aware that your instructions to attempt to abuse his website are a criminal offense. Perhaps if you e-mailed Mr Sweet with your concerns instead of abusing his website, he may provide you with the same coureous service he provided for me. People just don't respond well to this kind if treatment.

Take the higher ground my friend. It worked for me.


Please note that this company seems to collect your personal information when you enter the site, in addition to whatever information you type in. It is not known whether it is actually run from within the U.S. Please avoid and report.

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